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Welcome to FNG Precision Coatings

We provide world class metal finishing solutions to the automotive, industrial and defense industries. From solid smooth single color finishes to multilayer, multi-color custom designs, we can handle it all.

Our Southern California location is nestled in the heart of the Camarillo Industrial community. Allowing us to work and learn with the best in the business. Weve grown from a garage based business to an elite finishing destination for discerning customers. Working in the tradition of the great craftsmen who built and shaped our great nation, we too take great pride in our craftsmanship and pledge to carry on the American tradition of quality manufacturing process and dedication to our craft.

Our Team

A Team of Exceptional Craftsmen

Our team is comprised of Veterans and Civilian employees from all walk of life and ability, working together to achieve our mission to provide the finest finishes money can buy. We focus our hiring attention on Veteran and disabled veterans looking to break free from that “once broken always broken” mentality. We encourage and empower our team to be the best they can and foster an environment for learning and development, free from the preasures and stress of a typical workplace. This way of thinking is the secret behind our success. Our employees are driven, dedicated and share a passion for industry. With our roots in military culture, honor, loyaty and attention to detail..are to be expected when you do business with us. We pride ourselves on our long standing good reputation and our relationships with our clients and customers. Since opening our doors in 2015, we have made it both our duty and privilege to outperform expectations and drive the industry standard forward, utilizing quality team members and top-rated products. Whether your order is a custom one off project, or a large manufacturing batch order, FNG has the tools to move you forward.
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